descriptionLightweight C++/OpenGL graphics engine
last changeThu, 9 Dec 2021 13:23:21 +0000 (15:23 +0200)
2021-12-09 Mikko RasaDon't remove individual mipmap levels from Synchronizer master
2021-12-09 Mikko RasaTrack different kinds of bindings separately
2021-12-09 Mikko RasaPopulate used bindings in ReflectData
2021-12-09 Mikko RasaDon't try to bind descriptor sets if there aren't any
2021-12-09 Mikko RasaRefresh vertex setup in VulkanPipelineState::update
2021-12-09 Mikko RasaInitialize members of VulkanVertexSetup
2021-12-05 Mikko RasaUse an RGBA environment map in desertpillars
2021-12-04 Mikko RasaStore the number of mipmap levels in the Texture base...
2021-12-04 Mikko RasaUse default member initializers in Texture
2021-12-04 Mikko RasaAvoid collisions with members of nameless interface...
2021-12-01 Mikko RasaUse RGBA as the default format for effect render targets
2021-12-01 Mikko RasaConvert RGB pixel data to RGBA when staging
2021-12-01 Mikko RasaUse the correct aspect mask for uploading texture data
2021-12-01 Mikko RasaSubmit commands for isolated offscreen rendering
2021-12-01 Mikko RasaClear the begin semaphore if Renderer::begin() is calle...
2021-12-01 Mikko RasaRemove the exception from Texture2DMultisample constructor
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