descriptionLightweight C++/OpenGL graphics engine
last changeSun, 23 Jun 2019 21:25:26 +0000 (00:25 +0300)
37 hours ago Mikko RasaChange AnimationPlayer::stop to take a Placeable master
38 hours ago Mikko RasaExport the entire scene by default
39 hours ago Mikko RasaUse double for animation curves
39 hours ago Mikko RasaAdd public functions for adding owned keyframes to...
3 days ago Mikko RasaRetain assignment location when moving out variables...
3 days ago Mikko RasaTranslate shader compile errors to actual source file...
3 days ago Mikko RasaRecord statement source lines and emit #line directives...
3 days ago Mikko RasaRefactor ProgramCompiler::Formatter
3 days ago Mikko RasaRequire import module names to be identifiers
3 days ago Mikko RasaConsistently use the NodeList and NodeArray types
3 days ago Mikko RasaAdd an intermediate node type for statements
3 days ago Mikko RasaObtain the instance transform location from shader...
3 days ago Mikko RasaMerge variable declaration layouts
3 days ago Mikko RasaConsider extensions when checking GLSL features
3 days ago Mikko RasaStore information about attributes in Program
3 days ago Mikko RasaSplit the interface queries from Program::link into...
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10 years ago 1.0
10 years ago 0.9
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