2008-10-14 Mikko RasaAdd Changelog.txt 1.0
2008-10-04 Mikko RasaAdd class Technique to share passes between Objects
2008-10-04 Mikko RasaAdd Texture::bind_to() method
2008-09-28 Mikko RasaConvert Light to object model
2008-09-24 Mikko RasaAdd virtual destructors to Renderable and Uniform
2008-09-24 Mikko RasaObject model for Material and TexEnv
2008-09-08 Mikko RasaUse RAII checks for extensions and versions
2008-09-05 Mikko RasaAdd append() method and and operator[] to VertexArray
2008-09-03 Mikko RasaRequire mspgbase now that Image was moved there
2008-08-19 Mikko RasaSet svn:keywords on Build 0.9
2008-08-17 Mikko RasaMove Image to mspgbase
2008-07-23 Mikko RasaUnbind vertex buffer after updating array data
2008-07-19 Mikko RasaAdd the BLEND constant too
2008-07-19 Mikko RasaAdd blending and clipping support
2008-06-25 Mikko RasaAdd a missing #include
2008-05-19 Mikko RasaAdd Mesh::use_vertex_buffer
2008-03-24 Mikko RasaSupport specifying elements in PrimitiveBuilder
2008-03-19 Mikko RasaOpenGL can now be required as a package on all archs
2008-03-06 Mikko RasaSeparate main and shader textures in Object
2008-02-27 Mikko RasaAllow Renderables in a Scene to specify ordering
2008-02-26 Mikko RasaAdd the meshbuilder.* files too
2008-02-26 Mikko RasaAdd class MeshBuilder
2008-02-06 Mikko RasaInclude the local gl.h in types.h to make it work on...
2008-02-05 Mikko RasaAdd a missing negation
2008-02-04 Mikko RasaMake the use of DevIL optional
2008-01-12 Mikko RasaSupport embedding textures in datafiles
2008-01-01 Mikko RasaAdd functions to retrieve material properties
2007-12-29 Mikko RasaWindows compatibility:
2007-12-27 Mikko RasaAdd $Id$ to tag.*
2007-12-11 Mikko RasaDefault to Utf8 instead of direct mapping in Font
2007-11-09 Mikko RasaSupport for loading materials from datafiles
2007-11-04 Mikko RasaAdd a Tag class to identify passes
2007-11-04 Mikko RasaAdd class Renderable
2007-11-02 Mikko RasaAdapt to DataFile changes
2007-11-02 Mikko RasaUse DevIL for loading images
2007-10-26 Mikko RasaAdd Uniform* classes to store uniform data of Programs
2007-10-21 Mikko RasaBlender exporter:
2007-10-20 Mikko RasaAdd scissor, stencil, alpha and depth test functions...
2007-10-17 Mikko RasaBugfixes to Light
2007-10-17 Mikko RasaAdd Lights
2007-10-17 Mikko RasaBlender exporter: Fix big strip generation so that...
2007-10-17 Mikko RasaAllow retrieving data from Mesh
2007-10-14 Mikko RasaTry to generate longer strips
2007-10-12 Mikko RasaBlender exporter: Add support for texture coordinates
2007-10-11 Mikko RasaBlender exporter: Generate correct normals for smooth...
2007-10-10 Mikko RasaMake Material::apply const
2007-10-05 Mikko RasaAdd support for detecting extensions
2007-10-02 Mikko RasaAdd Material class
2007-10-01 Mikko RasaAdd mult_matrix functions
2007-09-22 Mikko RasaAdd projection functions
2007-09-05 Mikko RasaBlender exporter: Finish triangle strip support
2007-09-04 Mikko RasaBlender export: Create triangle strips (incomplete)
2007-09-04 Mikko RasaAdd Mesh and Batch classes
2007-09-04 Mikko RasaBlender export: Add support for smoothing
2007-09-03 Mikko RasaAdd script for exporting meshes from Blender
2007-09-03 Mikko RasaMove VertexFormat and VertexArrayBuilder to their own...
2007-09-03 Mikko RasaUpdate dependency for mspparser to mspdatafile
2007-09-03 Mikko RasaAdd Id tags and copyright notices to files
2007-09-03 Mikko RasaMake use of the ability to load multiple arguments...
2007-08-21 Mikko RasaMake ~Program virtual
2007-08-21 Mikko RasaAdd shaders
2007-07-10 Mikko RasaAdd ascent and descent to Font
2007-06-12 Mikko RasaAdd vertex arrays and buffers
2006-11-27 Mikko RasaAdd files
2006-11-27 Mikko RasaCreate trunk