Add functions for setting arrays of 2x2 and 3x3 matrix uniforms
[libs/gl.git] / scripts /
2019-06-21 Mikko RasaConsider extensions when checking GLSL features
2019-06-12 Mikko RasaUse mspdatatool to generate the builtin resources file
2019-05-04 Mikko RasaRemove extraneous semicolons from Python code
2018-07-07 Mikko RasaAllow multiple character ranges in the makefont script
2018-06-20 Mikko RasaCorrectly handle luminance-only formats in
2018-05-05 Mikko RasaUpdate the font script to match latest ttf2png
2018-04-25 Mikko RasaSort the cap_height and x_height arrays in
2017-12-05 Mikko RasaFix a stupid bug in the extension generator
2017-12-04 Mikko RasaMake extensions compatible with OpenGL ES
2017-11-22 Mikko RasaAdd a debug switch to the extension generator
2017-11-21 Mikko RasaBe much more strict about extension support
2017-11-19 Mikko RasaRefactor the structure of
2017-09-10 Mikko RasaDon't crash if an explicitly specified backport extensi...
2017-01-06 Mikko RasaGuard against missing extensions on OS X
2017-01-06 Mikko RasaUse the correct define to detect Windows
2016-11-18 Mikko RasaGenerate the entire shaderlib into a single file
2016-11-15 Mikko RasaAdd a builtin module for standard shaders
2016-11-06 Mikko RasaRestructure the extension detection code
2016-11-06 Mikko RasaDetect deprecation versions for extensions
2016-11-06 Mikko RasaBe smarter when detecting the core version of extensions
2016-10-27 Mikko RasaImplement 2D array textures
2016-10-26 Mikko RasaPick the correct source for an extension function if...
2016-10-26 Mikko RasaUse correct form of GET_PROC_ADDRESS for unpromoted...
2016-10-26 Mikko RasaBe smarter about detecting backport extensions
2016-07-22 Mikko RasaAdd cap height and x height metrics to Font
2015-09-20 Mikko RasaAdd option for the range of characters to use from...
2015-09-20 Mikko RasaFix PIL import
2015-07-14 Mikko RasaSupport more ttf2png options in
2014-11-13 Mikko RasaFix extension functions on Windows
2014-10-20 Mikko RasaEmit warnings if an extension can't be fully supported
2014-10-15 Mikko RasaEnhance the extension generator to support different...
2014-10-15 Mikko RasaRefactor and optimize the extension generator script
2014-06-16 Mikko RasaUse GL_VERSION_x_y to guard the enums for promoted...
2014-04-21 Mikko RasaUse make_tex's wrap parameter in
2014-01-05 Mikko RasaSupport sRGB pixelformats through GL_EXT_texture_sRGB
2013-10-10 Mikko RasaGet function pointers on OS X through weak symbols
2013-10-10 Mikko RasaExtract parameter and return type information from...
2013-10-04 Mikko RasaHave the maketex script take texture parameters as...
2013-10-03 Mikko RasaFinal touches of OS X support
2013-10-02 Mikko RasaDeal with extensions that are not present at compile...
2013-10-02 Mikko RasaCleanup and documentation of
2013-10-02 Mikko RasaMigrate to the new XML-based OpenGL API registry
2013-10-02 Mikko RasaAlways include glext.h
2013-09-09 Mikko RasaAdd kerning support to Font
2013-09-09 Mikko RasaMake the font script compatible with new ttf2png output
2013-08-20 Mikko RasaDo not store generated files in the repository
2013-06-15 Mikko RasaFunction pointer typedefs for core functions are not...
2012-08-27 Mikko RasaComplete rewrite of extension handling
2012-08-15 Mikko RasaFor a few lingering whitespace issues
2011-09-06 Mikko RasaMove scripts to their own directory