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descriptionRailRoad Computer Control - a system for controlling a model railway
last changeFri, 17 Apr 2015 23:46:23 +0000 (02:46 +0300)
2015-04-17 Mikko RasaDon't crash if a train has no router master
2015-04-17 Mikko RasaMake some internal colors darker to match linear color...
2015-04-17 Mikko RasaUse skylight for nicer lighting
2015-04-17 Mikko RasaAdd a high-quality model for BR 194
2015-04-17 Mikko RasaRe-export high-quality models with shaders
2015-04-15 Mikko RasaProperly round negative z coordinates for Terrain
2015-04-14 Mikko RasaAdd a new remote control program with GLtk-based UI
2015-04-14 Mikko RasaRemove the GTK-based remote control program
2015-04-14 Mikko RasaSome other minor UI tweaks
2015-04-14 Mikko RasaRe-export fonts with latest tools
2015-04-10 Mikko RasaBugfixes for the network server
2015-04-09 Mikko RasaMinor style correction
2015-04-09 Mikko RasaAdd maximum speed to BR 23
2015-04-09 Mikko RasaExport AI control parameters over the network
2015-04-09 Mikko RasaMake Client hold a non-const reference to the Catalogue
2015-04-08 Mikko RasaProper ID management for Signals
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