2014-04-01 Mikko RasaProvide peak current since last read master
2014-04-01 Mikko RasaVolatile is not needed here
2013-11-12 Mikko RasaAdd command to change arducontrol baud rate
2013-11-12 Mikko RasaAdd function to change serial port baud rate on the fly
2013-11-12 Mikko RasaAdd a clock facility
2013-11-09 Mikko RasaAvoid a race condition with the last bytes of an S88...
2013-11-08 Mikko RasaGive each MFX command its own feedback packet type
2013-11-07 Mikko RasaKeep zero speed as is
2013-11-07 Mikko RasaAdd a delay after MFX packets
2013-11-07 Mikko RasaInsert dummy zero at end of packet if last eight bits...
2013-11-03 Mikko RasaAdd support for Märklin MFX protocol in arducontrol
2013-11-03 Mikko RasaMake current and voltage readings public to other modules
2013-11-03 Mikko RasaAdd a subsystem by which other modules can sync to...
2013-11-03 Mikko RasaDrop the pretense of C89, put declarations where they...
2013-11-03 Mikko RasaMake the programming utility recognize packetized replies
2013-11-03 Mikko RasaSupport chaining packets to create a larger packet
2013-11-02 Mikko RasaHide details of output packet lifecycle
2013-11-02 Mikko RasaIncrease default overcurrent limit to 2500 milliamps
2013-11-02 Mikko RasaConnect some status leds to port B
2013-11-02 Mikko RasaAdd a function and command to find out if power is...
2013-11-01 Mikko RasaMake upload device configurable
2013-11-01 Mikko RasaRemove the prototype of a debugging function
2013-10-31 Mikko RasaFix S88 latching logic
2013-10-31 Mikko RasaUse pin change interrupt to react faster to the clock
2013-10-31 Mikko RasaUse the new serial API in s88w-r
2013-10-30 Mikko RasaMark module-private variables static
2013-10-30 Mikko RasaMake arducontrol interface asynchronous again
2013-10-28 Mikko RasaSend at least four S88 data octets per packets if possible
2013-10-28 Mikko RasaRespond to a zero-length packet with another zero-lengt...
2013-10-28 Mikko RasaRewrite arducontrol interface module to use the new...
2013-10-28 Mikko RasaExpand the serial API and add an asynchronous mode
2013-10-28 Mikko RasaRewrite ringbuffer implementation to be interrupt-safe
2013-10-27 Mikko RasaFix a bug in interpreting Motorola commands
2013-10-23 Mikko RasaAdd support for S88 feedback modules
2013-10-23 Mikko RasaAdd ring buffer utilities
2013-10-23 Mikko RasaMove output to a higher priority timer
2013-10-23 Mikko RasaAdd functions for sending replies
2013-10-23 Mikko RasaPass command data through a pointer
2013-10-22 Mikko RasaMark parameterless functions as such with a void argume...
2013-10-21 Mikko RasaUse symbolic constants for addressing I/O pins
2013-10-21 Mikko RasaRewrite ADC code to cause less timing interference
2013-10-21 Mikko RasaOrganize arducontrol code by functionality
2013-07-03 Mikko RasaImplement current and voltage monitoring
2013-07-03 Mikko RasaSomre more common facilities
2013-07-02 Mikko RasaAdd decoder programming utility
2013-07-02 Mikko RasaAdd railway control firmware
2013-05-18 Mikko RasaSet UCSR0A in serial_init
2013-05-13 Mikko RasaReplace the svg schematic with proper schematics and...
2013-05-13 Mikko RasaFix an inline asm constraint
2013-05-13 Mikko RasaReorganize the directory structure
2013-01-08 Mikko RasaStrip Id tags and copyright notices from files
2011-03-08 Mikko RasaFix an error in s88w-t diagram
2010-11-16 Mikko RasaRename the project to R²C²
2010-11-15 Mikko RasaMake LCD output selectable at runtime through an extra...
2010-11-12 Mikko RasaChange the input filtering for better suitability for...
2010-10-27 Mikko RasaSupport multiple timers (currently 0 and 1)
2010-09-25 Mikko RasaAdd some utility functions for interfacing with hardware
2010-04-30 Mikko RasaAdd wireless s88 firmware and schematic
2010-04-03 Mikko RasaAdd a program for serial port control and associated...