Make the StereoCombiner information interface more flexible
[libs/vr.git] / source / oculusriftcombiner.cpp
2014-12-22 Mikko RasaMake the StereoCombiner information interface more...
2014-12-22 Mikko RasaConvert Oculus code to use SDK 0.4.4
2014-03-09 Mikko RasaCorrect field of view calculation for Oculus Rift
2013-09-21 Mikko RasaRender eye view with off-center projection to better...
2013-09-21 Mikko RasaFix a math error in oversize calculation
2013-09-13 Mikko RasaCompensate for chromatic aberration in the Oculus Rift...
2013-09-13 Mikko RasaRename to mspvr
2013-09-13 Mikko RasaAdd a StereoCombiner subclass for the Oculus Rift