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Increase Communicator buffer size to 64k
[libs/net.git] / source / net / communicator.cpp
2016-10-12 Mikko RasaIncrease Communicator buffer size to 64k
2016-10-09 Mikko RasaSome largely cosmetic touch-up
2016-10-09 Mikko RasaAcutally implement Protocol::get_hash
2016-10-09 Mikko RasaRefactor most of Communicator::send to be in the .cpp...
2016-10-09 Mikko RasaMassive overhaul of the Protocol class
2015-04-06 Mikko RasaProvide a signal to handle errors from Communicator
2011-08-10 Mikko RasaMerge branch 'http-master'
2011-08-10 Mikko RasaPrepare for assimilating msphttp