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descriptionGraphics and input library
last changeWed, 4 Jan 2023 18:25:41 +0000 (20:25 +0200)
2023-01-04 Mikko RasaUpdate .gitignore to include build products on Windows master
2023-01-04 Mikko RasaRetrieve correct names for monitors on Windows
2023-01-04 Mikko RasaConvert empty default constructors and destructors...
2023-01-04 Mikko RasaLink with the user32 library on Windows
2023-01-04 Mikko RasaPut feature control macros before any headers
2023-01-04 Mikko RasaFix a compiler warning from MSVC
2023-01-04 Mikko RasaAdd decorations for things which should be exported...
2022-12-18 Mikko RasaFix Windows version check for touch input
2022-11-27 Mikko RasaEnable xrandr support by default
2022-11-27 Mikko RasaAdd an example program for listing video modes
2022-11-27 Mikko RasaRemove an unused function
2022-11-27 Mikko RasaUse lambdas for comparison functions
2022-11-27 Mikko RasaCorrectly sort inactive monitors on X11
2022-11-27 Mikko RasaAdd a missing scope qualifier to Windows GLContext
2022-11-27 Mikko RasaFix some issues in VulkanContext when Vulkan support...
2022-11-27 Mikko RasaAvoid using std::list
14 years ago 1.1
15 years ago 1.0
15 years ago 0.9
18 months ago master