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descriptionGraphics and input library
last changeSun, 7 Feb 2021 16:15:18 +0000 (18:15 +0200)
2021-02-07 Mikko RasaMake it possible to load an image into an externally... master
2021-02-07 Mikko RasaSplit image loading into headers and pixels
2021-02-07 Mikko RasaAdd some state checking to ImageLoader
2021-02-07 Mikko RasaRevert some changes which accidentally got included...
2021-02-07 Mikko RasaClear Image data before loading a new image
2021-02-07 Mikko RasaRename Image::Data::data to pixels
2021-01-31 Mikko RasaRegister image loaders more explicitly
2021-01-31 Mikko RasaFix BMP loader signature check
2021-01-25 Mikko RasaAdd support for using the latest available OpenGL version
2021-01-25 Mikko RasaFix compile errors from function casts in wgl
2019-09-21 Mikko RasaDon't apply user position in fullscreen mode
2019-09-21 Mikko RasaPut Window on the correcte monitor when initially created
2019-09-20 Mikko RasaGenerate synthetic key release events for repeated...
2019-09-18 Mikko RasaHandle WM_SYSKEYDOWN, WM_SYSKEYUP and WM_SYSCHAR events
2019-06-17 Mikko RasaUse Get/SetWindowLongPtr
2019-06-09 Mikko RasaAdd a core profile flag to OpenGL context options
13 years ago 1.1
14 years ago 1.0
14 years ago 0.9
2 years ago master