2016-11-28 Mikko RasaAdd nameless child keywords for Panel master
2016-11-26 Mikko RasaAllow overriding the spacing between two widgets in...
2016-11-26 Mikko RasaChange the Resources reference in Root to non-const
2016-11-26 Mikko RasaAdd a datafile statement to set an icon for an Image
2016-11-19 Mikko RasaUpdate Renderer matrix manipulation calls
2016-09-16 Mikko RasaExplicitly require sigc++-2.0
2016-09-15 Mikko RasaInherit Root from GL::Renderable
2016-09-15 Mikko RasaFocus entry widget on touch press
2016-09-15 Mikko RasaAdd lexical conversion for the centering constraints
2016-09-12 Mikko RasaRewrite Panel navigation logic so it makes more sense
2016-09-11 Mikko RasaAdd centering constraints to Layout
2016-09-11 Mikko RasaAdd support for displaying named icons in an Image...
2016-09-02 Mikko RasaOnly pass key and navigation events to enabled widgets
2016-09-02 Mikko RasaPass List::focus_in to base class
2016-09-01 Mikko RasaImplement touch interactions for List
2016-09-01 Mikko RasaFix an incorrectly positioned graphic
2016-09-01 Mikko RasaImprove list focus management
2016-09-01 Mikko RasaMove navigation logic from Container to Panel
2016-08-31 Mikko RasaDon't pass events to an invisible root widget
2016-08-31 Mikko RasaImplement keyboard navigation for most widgets
2016-08-31 Mikko RasaAdd a border around the focused widget in the basic...
2016-08-31 Mikko RasaAllow an empty graphic to be specified in part definitions
2016-08-31 Mikko RasaRefactor the traversal logic out of List::check_view_range
2016-08-30 Mikko RasaAdd an input method subsystem
2016-08-30 Mikko RasaMake keyboard event handlers indicate whether the event...
2016-08-30 Mikko RasaReorder event handling functions
2016-08-26 Mikko RasaUse a larger font for the basic skin
2016-08-26 Mikko RasaAdd another example application to demonstrate various...
2016-08-25 Mikko RasaMake sure gravity can't overpower expand
2016-08-25 Mikko RasaMove the helloworld example into a subdirectory
2015-11-19 Mikko RasaRudimentary touchscreen support
2015-11-19 Mikko RasaMake some functions const that by all rights should be
2015-11-19 Mikko RasaFix exception description
2015-11-19 Mikko RasaMake func a normal argument of Text::process_lines
2015-03-06 Mikko RasaClear dropdown text if the associated list selection...
2015-03-06 Mikko RasaAdd a selection_cleared signal to List
2015-03-06 Mikko RasaImplement mouse wheel scrolling in List
2014-11-13 Mikko RasaIf the active list item is refreshed, mark it as such
2014-11-13 Mikko RasaUse a shader for rendering if available
2014-11-13 Mikko RasaUse a Camera rather than direct matrix manipulation
2014-11-13 Mikko RasaUse triangle strips instead of quads
2014-04-08 Mikko RasaStyle and comment fixes
2014-03-12 Mikko RasaAlways set column widths on the item itself
2014-01-22 Mikko RasaFix line processing in Text to match autosizing
2014-01-21 Mikko RasaImprove Dropdown list management
2014-01-21 Mikko RasaFix list positioning logic in Dropdown
2014-01-21 Mikko RasaProperly account for margins in sliders
2014-01-21 Mikko RasaMove some more common slider code to the base class
2014-01-11 Mikko RasaFix a case where rebuild was called recursively
2014-01-11 Mikko RasaAdd consistency checks to PartCache
2014-01-11 Mikko RasaReuse meshes in PartCache to avoid buffer create/delete...
2013-11-25 Mikko RasaFix a segfault when refreshing an item in a list with...
2013-11-20 Mikko RasaDon't rebuild on state change if there are no visual...
2013-11-20 Mikko RasaRefactor list item positioning code
2013-11-20 Mikko RasaRefactor child positioning logic
2013-11-20 Mikko RasaAvoid segfault with a single multi-column item
2013-11-15 Mikko RasaAdd a list item class to manage multiple columns
2013-11-07 Mikko RasaSupport floating widgets in layouts
2013-11-07 Mikko RasaFix some more inefficient autosizes
2013-11-07 Mikko RasaBetter method of implementing zero gravity
2013-11-06 Mikko RasaAdd getters for layout margin and spacings
2013-11-06 Mikko RasaFix list autosizing logic
2013-11-06 Mikko RasaMake autosize_special const and add a const autosize...
2013-10-16 Mikko RasaMinor style fixes
2013-10-16 Mikko RasaMake widgets non-copyable
2013-10-16 Mikko RasaRemove obsolete inside checks
2013-10-16 Mikko RasaMake the DISABLED state actually do something
2013-10-16 Mikko RasaMake List::set_selected_index a no-op if that item...
2013-09-22 Mikko RasaSupport different font colors in different states
2013-09-22 Mikko RasaAdd a shortcut for defining normal graphic
2013-08-08 Mikko RasaAdd some utility functions for dealing with widget...
2013-07-30 Mikko RasaAdd datafile statement for image widgets
2013-07-14 Mikko RasaEnsure that list items are autosized properly in all...
2013-07-14 Mikko RasaRetain position when autosizing widget
2013-07-05 Mikko RasaFix an uninitialized variable
2013-06-30 Mikko RasaUse a different approach for custom item widgets
2013-06-30 Mikko RasaFix a comparison that let an off-by-one error in
2013-06-30 Mikko RasaRefresh list items one at a time
2013-06-30 Mikko RasaRecreate list items when setting data
2013-06-28 Mikko RasaSome new datafile keywords
2013-06-27 Mikko RasaUnify the behavior of value change signals
2013-06-27 Mikko RasaAdd getter for Panel::layout
2013-06-27 Mikko RasaProperly set expand flags in LinearArrangement
2013-06-27 Mikko RasaFix some alignment issues in LinearArrangement
2013-06-27 Mikko RasaThe slack column counter needs to be outside the slot...
2013-06-26 Mikko RasaAdd a function to find the index of an item in ListData...
2013-06-26 Mikko RasaAdd DragHandle widget
2013-06-26 Mikko RasaDon't trigger widget rebuild if only its position changes
2013-06-26 Mikko RasaRefactor widget autosizing
2013-06-26 Mikko RasaAdd a persistent view size attribute to List
2013-06-25 Mikko RasaImprove widget part caching
2013-06-25 Mikko RasaAutosize all items in a List
2013-06-16 Mikko RasaSome fixes to the Build file
2013-06-16 Mikko RasaAvoid autosizing widgets with no style
2013-06-16 Mikko RasaDon't divide by zero when autosizing a List with no...
2013-06-16 Mikko RasaAdd a Stack arrangement
2013-06-16 Mikko RasaAdd a packing attribute to consider a widget even if...
2013-06-16 Mikko RasaAllow loading generic layout properties from datafiles
2013-06-16 Mikko RasaSupport widget expansion in linear layouts
2013-06-16 Mikko RasaCombine common parts of Column and Row into LinearArran...