2021-09-15 Mikko RasaAdd support for integer vertex attributes
2021-09-15 Mikko RasaNudge the FrameFormat floating-point flag one bit to...
2021-09-15 Mikko RasaRe-export desert pillars data with attribute types
2021-09-15 Mikko RasaUse more compact data types when exporting meshes
2021-09-15 Mikko RasaMake VertexFormat capable of storing type information
2021-09-15 Mikko RasaRemove deprecated things related to vertex formats...
2021-09-15 Mikko RasaExplicitly specify the target format of Sequence
2021-09-14 Mikko RasaFix a logic error in Sequence
2021-09-14 Mikko RasaFix valgrind warnings
2021-09-14 Mikko RasaRemove obsolete stuff from Sequence
2021-09-13 Mikko RasaSimplify pipeline state management
2021-09-13 Mikko RasaRemove deprecated constructors from effects
2021-09-13 Mikko RasaTweak the comma operator between VertexAttribute and...
2021-09-13 Mikko RasaConsider all attachments when determining Framebuffer...
2021-09-13 Mikko RasaTweak some texture allocation checks
2021-09-13 Mikko RasaFix a bug in Renderer::resolve_multisample
2021-09-13 Mikko RasaRedesign framebuffer attachment management
2021-09-13 Mikko RasaRemove RenderBuffer and always use textures as framebuf...
2021-09-11 Mikko RasaFix incorrect render target buffer names
2021-09-11 Mikko RasaRework PixelComponents and PixelFormat to use custom...
2021-09-11 Mikko RasaDisconnect the PrimitiveType enum from OpenGL constants
2021-09-11 Mikko RasaCreate a class for issuing drawing commands
2021-09-05 Mikko RasaRemove outdated includes
2021-09-05 Mikko RasaStore index type in VertexSetup
2021-09-05 Mikko RasaUse the same index type for all of a Mesh's batches
2021-08-28 Mikko RasaMiscellaneous cleanup
2021-08-28 Mikko RasaRemove the Bindable class
2021-08-28 Mikko RasaRemove the PixelStore class
2021-08-27 Mikko RasaRemove public binding APIs from Renderbuffer and Clipping
2021-08-27 Mikko RasaConvert framebuffers and related functionality to new...
2021-08-18 Mikko RasaRedesign depth and stencil test and blend state management
2021-08-18 Mikko RasaDecouple the Predicate enum from OpenGL constants
2021-08-18 Mikko RasaSome fixes to applying pipeline state
2021-08-18 Mikko RasaAdd a helper function to set variables and flags in...
2021-08-17 Mikko RasaRefactor winding-based culling
2021-08-16 Mikko RasaRewrite state management
2021-08-13 Mikko RasaAllow materials to return per-texture samplers
2021-08-13 Mikko RasaRefactor get_level_size in various texture classes
2021-08-12 Mikko RasaUse DSA for TextureCube if available
2021-08-12 Mikko RasaRemove some deprecated stuff that's getting in the way
2021-08-12 Mikko RasaRemove default sampler from Texture
2021-08-12 Mikko RasaRemove the notion of default binding point from Buffer
2021-08-11 Mikko RasaAlways use ARB_map_buffer_range for mapping buffers
2021-08-09 Mikko RasaHandle all shader data in Renderer through the generic...
2021-08-09 Mikko RasaStore implementation limits in a central struct
2021-08-08 Mikko RasaDeprecate external access to Renderer::flush_shader_data
2021-08-07 Mikko RasaDeprecated setting Material or Lighting on Renderer
2021-08-04 Mikko RasaOnly allow VertexArray's format to be set once
2021-05-13 Mikko RasaAdd a window size option to viewer
2021-05-13 Mikko RasaSet debug names for dynamically created objects in...
2021-05-13 Mikko RasaAdd ambient occlusion to the desert pillars demo
2021-05-13 Mikko RasaSupport exporting ambient occlusion postprocessor from...
2021-05-13 Mikko RasaMove the HDR flag in Blender to render settings
2021-05-13 Mikko RasaClear VertexSetup state when a Mesh is unloaded
2021-05-13 Mikko RasaAlways assume Technique has shaders
2021-05-09 Mikko RasaRemove the Renderer-less render function from PostProcessor
2021-05-09 Mikko RasaAdd debug name capability to more classes
2021-05-09 Mikko RasaAdd inline data items to the collection
2021-05-09 Mikko RasaAdd OccludedScene to the registered scene types
2021-05-09 Mikko RasaDeprecate the old skylight properties in Lighting
2021-05-09 Mikko RasaFix the name of the PBR fresnel lookup texture
2021-05-09 Mikko RasaIncrease ambient occlusion max samples to 128
2021-05-09 Mikko RasaTake ambient occlusion samples only from the forward...
2021-05-09 Mikko RasaUse non-random sequences to initialize ambient occlusio...
2021-05-09 Mikko RasaStore the ambient occlusion rotate lookup texture in...
2021-05-09 Mikko RasaUse correct sampler for the ambient occlusion rotate...
2021-05-09 Mikko RasaFix use of camera matrices in the ambient occlusion...
2021-05-09 Mikko RasaAdd inverse view and projection matrices to camera...
2021-05-09 Mikko RasaUse persistent uniform blocks for Camera, Lighting...
2021-05-08 Mikko RasaChange Clipping to use index-less attaching
2021-05-08 Mikko RasaUse PBR with IBL for the sphere in desert pillars
2021-05-06 Mikko RasaAdd a property in Blender for a custom shadow shader
2021-05-06 Mikko RasaPut the PI constant in builtins
2021-05-06 Mikko RasaImplement image-based lighting in PbrMaterial
2021-05-06 Mikko RasaSupport layered framebuffer attachments
2021-05-05 Mikko RasaModify sunlight color based on transmittance of the...
2021-05-05 Mikko RasaRe-export desert pillars data with ambient light
2021-05-05 Mikko RasaSet shadowmap darkness to 1.0 by default
2021-05-05 Mikko RasaExport the scene's background color as ambient light...
2021-05-05 Mikko RasaMinor refactoring of the Blender exporter
2021-05-05 Mikko RasaImplement ambient lighting in the Cook-Torrance shader
2021-05-05 Mikko RasaFix an incorrect include in the desertpillars demo
2021-05-04 Mikko RasaMark shaders created by materials as kept
2021-05-04 Mikko RasaAccess builtin resources through a global instance
2021-04-28 Mikko RasaFix brokenness from EnvironmentMap changes
2021-04-28 Mikko RasaMove lighting calculations to world space
2021-04-28 Mikko RasaThe load cache still needs to be pruned after the loop too
2021-04-28 Mikko RasaImplement other texture query functions for GLSL
2021-04-28 Mikko RasaImplement textureSize as a visitor function in the...
2021-04-28 Mikko RasaStore required capabilities for SPIR-V builtin functions
2021-04-27 Mikko RasaCheck if any shader data has changed when applying...
2021-04-27 Mikko RasaActually update the shdata generation numbers in Renderer
2021-04-25 Mikko RasaSet OpenGL debug labels on various objects loaded from...
2021-04-25 Mikko RasaRefactor program stage management
2021-04-24 Mikko RasaUse seamless cube map filtering if available
2021-04-24 Mikko RasaUse a HDR environment map in desertpillars
2021-04-24 Mikko RasaMake EnvironmentMap's pixel format configurable
2021-04-24 Mikko RasaUse RenderTargets in the Sky effect
2021-04-24 Mikko RasaCosmetic fixes
2021-04-24 Mikko RasaMake ShadowMap's finish_frame run only once per frame