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2022-03-17 Mikko RasaMostly cosmetic changes
2022-03-17 Mikko RasaAdd a loader to InstanceArray and make them loadable...
2022-03-17 Mikko RasaCall set_matrix from ObjectInstance's transform loader
2022-03-17 Mikko RasaRedesign InstanceArray
2022-03-14 Mikko RasaSome tweaks to vector component handling
2022-03-14 Mikko RasaUse default member initializers for ZSortedScene::Sorte...
2022-03-14 Mikko RasaUse a per-camera cache in ZSortedScene
2022-03-14 Mikko RasaUse is_ortographic in Camera instead of checking fov...
2022-03-14 Mikko RasaAdapt to changes in mspmath
2022-03-13 Mikko RasaMove frustum culling from Scene to Camera
2022-03-13 Mikko RasaUse persistent tags for the model matrix uniforms in...
2022-03-13 Mikko RasaTreat standard and camera shader data specially in...
2022-03-01 Mikko RasaFix incorrect vertex array indexing in InstanceArray
2022-02-28 Mikko RasaMove ProgramData to materials
2022-01-19 Mikko RasaUse pipeline keys for objects and effects
2022-01-17 Mikko RasaSupport multiple PipelineStates in Renderer
2022-01-14 Mikko RasaMinor, largely cosmetic tweaks
2022-01-12 Mikko RasaStore simpler states by value in PipelineState
2022-01-12 Mikko RasaCreate a function for applying framebuffer state in...
2022-01-02 Mikko RasaUse a placeholder texture when a texture has not been...
2021-12-20 Mikko RasaUse a streaming buffer for ProgramData only when needed
2021-12-20 Mikko RasaRefactor ProgramData buffer (re)creation into a function
2021-12-20 Mikko RasaMultiplex streaming buffer contents on Vulkan
2021-12-19 Mikko RasaInstanceArray doesn't need to refresh the vertex arrays
2021-12-14 Mikko RasaRefactor projection matrix handling
2021-12-10 Mikko RasaSupport binding individual mipmap levels of textures
2021-11-20 Mikko RasaDo discard-clears in individual postprocessors, not...
2021-11-19 Mikko RasaTreat clear() with null parameter as invalidate
2021-11-18 Mikko RasaInitial implementation of Vulkan backend
2021-11-18 Mikko RasaStore primitive type in PipelineState
2021-11-17 Mikko RasaUse emplace_back when a new object is being constructed
2021-11-17 Mikko RasaAdd a usage parameter to Buffer
2021-11-14 Mikko RasaExpose the maximum number of attributes and attachments
2021-11-14 Mikko RasaReplace ProgramData copy constructor with a more explic...
2021-11-14 Mikko RasaAdd correct copy and move semantics to most classes
2021-11-12 Mikko RasaMove a few bits of Renderer into a backend class
2021-11-12 Mikko RasaRemove the transform function from Renderer
2021-11-12 Mikko RasaRequire explicit begin() and end() calls in Renderer
2021-11-12 Mikko RasaReorder members of Renderer and PipelineState
2021-11-12 Mikko RasaRemove deprecated functions from Renderer
2021-11-11 Mikko RasaSome more default member initializers
2021-11-10 Mikko RasaMove WindowView::render to the backend
2021-11-10 Mikko RasaRestructure system framebuffer and make WindowView...
2021-11-09 Mikko RasaDon't store a View's target framebuffer in the base...
2021-11-09 Mikko RasaCreate a Device class to hold the graphics context
2021-11-08 Mikko RasaCache texture bindings when the shader program does...
2021-11-07 Mikko RasaAdd unsigned integer types to Program reflection and...
2021-10-30 Mikko RasaRename "renderable" to "content" in Effects and Scenes
2021-10-30 Mikko RasaUpdate and improve documentation
2021-10-30 Mikko RasaUse a sorted vector in place of set for small data
2021-10-30 Mikko RasaRemove the exclusion mechanism from Renderer
2021-10-29 Mikko RasaMove sigc::trackable base from View to WindowView
2021-10-29 Mikko RasaExplicitly specify enum values which are relied upon
2021-10-29 Mikko RasaUse default member initializers in some more classes
2021-10-29 Mikko RasaRemove some unused and unnecessary things
2021-10-20 Mikko RasaAdd functions to retrieve steps and postprocessors...
2021-10-17 Mikko RasaRefactor owned postprocessors in Sequence into a more...
2021-10-16 Mikko RasaMove blend state from Sequence::Step to RenderMethod
2021-10-14 Mikko RasaSupport inline scenes within other scenes
2021-10-14 Mikko RasaAdjust naming of instances in Scene loader
2021-10-11 Mikko RasaMinor cleanups and tweaks
2021-10-11 Mikko RasaAllow suppressing clear in a sequence by passing in...
2021-10-10 Mikko RasaRemove generic clipping state
2021-10-10 Mikko RasaRefactor the builtin occluder shader
2021-10-09 Mikko RasaChange various generated texture names to use the unifi...
2021-10-09 Mikko RasaUse default member initializers for simple types
2021-10-05 Mikko RasaUse DynamicObjectLoader for Material and Scene generic...
2021-10-05 Mikko RasaRemove collection-less constructor overloads from most...
2021-10-04 Mikko RasaUnify the loader wrappers for Material and Scene
2021-10-03 Mikko RasaSet viewport and scissor before clear commands
2021-10-02 Mikko RasaRename RenderPass to RenderMethod
2021-10-01 Mikko RasaUse constructor delegation instead of init functions...
2021-10-01 Mikko RasaSome more cleanup of includes and forward declarations
2021-10-01 Mikko RasaUse QueryPool in OccludedScene
2021-10-01 Mikko RasaAdd an abstraction for queries
2021-09-30 Mikko RasaAlways use instanced rendering in InstanceArray
2021-09-28 Mikko RasaEliminate the polymorphic Uniform class hierarchy
2021-09-28 Mikko RasaStore default-block uniform data in a memory block
2021-09-26 Mikko RasaSplit reflection data from Program to a separate struct
2021-09-25 Mikko RasaAutomatically detect which multisample buffers to resolve
2021-09-25 Mikko RasaClear the pipeline state through Commands
2021-09-25 Mikko RasaMake it possible to specify explicit clear values
2021-09-25 Mikko RasaMake clearing the render target a responsibility of...
2021-09-25 Mikko RasaAllow creating sequences without size
2021-09-24 Mikko RasaRemove the View and Framebuffer constructors from Sequence
2021-09-18 Mikko RasaMark constant data as const
2021-09-18 Mikko RasaSpecify underlying type for format descriptor enums
2021-09-18 Mikko RasaUse standard fixed-size integer types
2021-09-17 Mikko RasaFix an apparent logic bug in ProgramData
2021-09-17 Mikko RasaPrefer more compact containers
2021-09-17 Mikko RasaUse C++11 features with containers
2021-09-15 Mikko RasaMake VertexFormat capable of storing type information
2021-09-15 Mikko RasaExplicitly specify the target format of Sequence
2021-09-14 Mikko RasaFix a logic error in Sequence
2021-09-14 Mikko RasaFix valgrind warnings
2021-09-14 Mikko RasaRemove obsolete stuff from Sequence
2021-09-13 Mikko RasaTweak the comma operator between VertexAttribute and...
2021-09-13 Mikko RasaFix a bug in Renderer::resolve_multisample
2021-09-13 Mikko RasaRedesign framebuffer attachment management
2021-09-13 Mikko RasaRemove RenderBuffer and always use textures as framebuf...