Don't remove individual mipmap levels from Synchronizer
[libs/gl.git] / Build
2021-11-18 Mikko RasaInitial implementation of Vulkan backend
2021-10-01 Mikko RasaMove all OpenGL-specific code to a separate directory
2021-09-17 Mikko RasaRequire C++11 for building
2021-04-24 Mikko RasaRemake the desertpillars demo using modern techniques
2021-02-21 Mikko RasaAdd a standalone GLSL compiler frontend
2021-02-19 Mikko RasaLoad various built-in things through Resources
2021-02-14 Mikko RasaMove the GLSL compiler entirely in its own namespace
2021-02-14 Mikko RasaRearrange soucre files into subdirectories
2021-01-23 Mikko RasaIncrease version to 3.0
2020-05-25 Mikko RasaRemove obsolete demo programs
2019-06-12 Mikko RasaUse mspdatatool to generate the builtin resources file
2018-04-25 Mikko RasaRemove the mesh2c tool
2016-11-18 Mikko RasaGenerate the entire shaderlib into a single file
2016-11-15 Mikko RasaAdd a builtin module for standard shaders
2016-09-16 Mikko RasaRequire libsigc++-2.0 since View connects to a signal
2014-10-17 Mikko RasaSupport OpenGL ES on Android
2014-10-15 Mikko RasaRemove a number of rarely used legacy features
2013-08-20 Mikko RasaDo not store generated files in the repository
2013-06-18 Mikko RasaSome fixes to the Build file
2013-05-18 Mikko RasaUse libmspmath to provide vector and matrix operations
2012-09-12 Mikko RasaVersion bump; compatibility was lost weeks ago
2012-09-12 Mikko RasaA complex demo program to show off features of the...
2012-08-09 Mikko RasaA simple program to test cubemap texture functionality
2012-08-05 Mikko RasaUpdate Build file for new Builder features
2012-07-31 Mikko RasaMore compilation fixes
2011-09-07 Mikko RasaMove tools to their own directory as well
2011-09-07 Mikko RasaAdd two demo programs (with crappy code)
2011-09-06 Mikko RasaDrop Id tags and copyright notices from files
2010-11-01 Mikko RasaAdd a simple object/mesh viewer application
2010-02-04 Mikko RasaAdd a tool to convert a mesh into C code
2009-10-05 Mikko RasaBump version to 1.1 1.1
2008-10-14 Mikko RasaAdd Changelog.txt 1.0
2008-09-03 Mikko RasaRequire mspgbase now that Image was moved there
2008-08-19 Mikko RasaSet svn:keywords on Build 0.9
2008-08-17 Mikko RasaMove Image to mspgbase
2008-03-19 Mikko RasaOpenGL can now be required as a package on all archs
2008-02-04 Mikko RasaMake the use of DevIL optional
2007-12-29 Mikko RasaWindows compatibility:
2007-11-02 Mikko RasaUse DevIL for loading images
2007-09-03 Mikko RasaUpdate dependency for mspparser to mspdatafile
2007-09-03 Mikko RasaAdd Id tags and copyright notices to files
2006-11-27 Mikko RasaAdd files