Add a getter for fallback in Collection
[libs/datafile.git] / source / collection.h
2015-11-24 Mikko RasaAdd a getter for fallback in Collection
2015-11-18 Mikko RasaUse const sources in Collection
2015-11-14 Mikko RasaChain get_status to fallback collection if one is defined
2014-04-20 Mikko RasaUse dynamic_cast to support Collection as virtual base...
2013-10-12 Mikko RasaExpose raw open functionality from Collection
2013-03-26 Mikko RasaUse the Sfinae helper struct from mspcore
2013-03-26 Mikko RasaComment improvements
2013-01-16 Mikko RasaAdd an API to open files from a collection's sources
2012-12-07 Mikko RasaAdd support for fallback collections
2012-12-06 Mikko RasaSome minor fixes in Collection
2012-12-05 Mikko RasaRework the list and containment queries
2012-12-04 Mikko RasaRestore the check to avoid deletion if an add call...
2012-12-04 Mikko RasaMore flexible system for handling base classes in Colle...
2012-12-04 Mikko RasaTurn internal type helpers into structs
2012-12-03 Mikko RasaMove most of Collection::get implementation to collecti...
2012-11-15 Mikko RasaRedesign automatic object loading
2012-09-28 Mikko RasaAdd an intelligent packed collection class
2012-09-28 Mikko RasaThrow an exception if a future object couldn't be created
2012-09-28 Mikko RasaImprove the API for future objects
2012-09-27 Mikko RasaSimplify loading collection items
2012-09-26 Mikko RasaFix some minor mistakes
2012-09-26 Mikko RasaGive DirectoryCollection the ability to add files as...
2012-09-26 Mikko RasaMinor reorganization
2012-09-26 Mikko RasaIntroduce the concept of future objects
2012-09-26 Mikko RasaMake Collection::contains check for type
2012-09-26 Mikko RasaImprove the documentation of Collection
2012-04-17 Mikko RasaStyle fixes
2012-01-20 Mikko RasaAllow creator function to return null to indicate failure
2012-01-15 Mikko RasaFix collection necessity detection
2011-07-26 Mikko RasaRename CollectionItemType::create method to creator
2011-07-25 Mikko RasaRedesign the Collection class
2011-07-25 Mikko RasaUse the functions from maputils.h in various places
2011-06-25 Mikko RasaDrop copyright and license notices from source files
2010-02-04 Mikko RasaSome more code reformatting
2008-08-06 Mikko RasaRefactor exceptions
2008-07-22 Mikko RasaAdd reverse name lookup to Collection
2007-12-27 Mikko RasaAdd missing virtual destructor to Collection::ItemKeywo...
2007-12-13 Mikko RasaMake use of KeyError's key parameter
2007-11-02 Mikko RasaBugfixes
2007-11-02 Mikko RasaChange Collection interface to use pointers consistently
2007-10-18 Mikko RasaAdd Collection::get_list
2007-10-16 Mikko RasaSupport const types with Collection properly
2007-10-15 Mikko RasaRemove a stale #include
2007-10-15 Mikko RasaAdd Collection