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2011-07-28 Mikko RasaComment changes fs-master
2011-07-28 Mikko RasaStyle update: remove alignment
2011-07-27 Mikko RasaRemove Id tags and copyright notices from source files
2011-07-27 Mikko RasaPrepare for assimilation into core
2011-07-27 Mikko RasaStyle update: spaces around assignments
2011-07-27 Mikko RasaConvert svn:ignore to .gitignore
2011-04-10 Mikko RasaAdd descendant_depth function
2011-02-10 Mikko RasaAdd rename function
2009-09-23 Mikko RasaAdd get_sys_lib_dir function
2009-09-21 Mikko RasaBump version to 1.1 fs-1.1
2009-09-20 Mikko RasaFix compile errors on 64-bit systems
2009-09-11 Mikko RasaMake Path behave more consistently by always starting...
2008-10-14 Mikko RasaAdd Changelog.txt fs-1.0.1
2008-09-12 Mikko RasaMake dirname behave sensibly for single-component paths
2008-08-17 Mikko RasaFix win32 compilation
2008-08-11 Mikko RasaUpdate svn:ignore fs-1.0
2008-08-10 Mikko RasaNew functions in utils.h: readlink realpath
2008-07-22 Mikko RasaFix win32 compilation
2008-07-20 Mikko RasaFix a typo in get_user_data_dir
2008-07-20 Mikko RasaRefactor the API
2008-07-20 Mikko RasaSplit directory and stat related functions into their...
2008-07-19 Mikko RasaRename the library as mspfs
2008-06-08 Mikko RasaAdd missing includes
2008-05-20 Mikko RasaAdd chdir function
2008-02-27 Mikko RasaAdd is_dir and get_home_dir functions
2007-10-04 Mikko Rasacore/error.h renamed to except.h
2007-09-22 Mikko RasaGet rid of the Path namespace
2007-06-20 Mikko RasaUpdate svn:ignore
2007-06-11 Mikko Rasaglobcasematch takes a std::string, not Path
2007-05-25 Mikko RasaDon't require mspmisc
2007-03-07 Mikko Rasastrutils.h -> strings/utils.h
2006-09-22 Mikko RasaAdd a missing ! to make .. components to behave correctly
2006-09-05 Niko LiikanenAdd LDFLAGS to CXX when linking...
2006-09-04 Niko LiikanenUpdated Makefile
2006-09-03 Mikko RasaAdd Build file
2006-08-29 Mikko RasaAdd basename function
2006-08-27 Mikko RasaAdd relative() to utils
2006-08-27 Mikko RasaAdd Path::empty()
2006-08-24 Mikko RasaRemove extra include of utils.h
2006-08-24 Niko Liikanenstatic/shared lib extension tweaks
2006-08-24 Niko LiikanenWin32 tweaks
2006-08-24 Mikko RasaInclude utils.h in path.cpp now that is_windows_drive...
2006-08-24 Mikko RasaMove is_windows_drive into utils.h
2006-08-23 Niko LiikanenFirst version
2006-08-23 Mikko RasaAdd copyright notices
2006-08-21 Mikko RasaAdd files
2006-08-21 Mikko RasaCreate trunk