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2014-10-19 Mikko RasaDerive Slice from sigc::trackable as it connects to...
2014-10-12 Mikko RasaDeal with the activity being recreated during process...
2014-10-12 Mikko RasaAdd window and input management signals for Android
2014-10-11 Mikko RasaMinimalistic port for Android
2014-10-10 Mikko RasaMove OS X main function to an overlay
2014-10-06 Mikko RasaSilence clang's complaints about unused private members
2014-10-05 Mikko RasaMake FS::Path::Iterator meet forward iterator requirements
2014-10-05 Mikko RasaUse direct constant values for non-POSIX baud rates
2014-10-05 Mikko RasaAdd a missing include
2014-06-27 Mikko RasaAdditional baud rates from termios.h
2014-01-06 Mikko RasaChange get_bin_dir logic to assume exe in cwd if not...
2014-01-06 Mikko RasaWindows uses ; as separator in $PATH
2013-11-18 Mikko RasaAdd RAII class for atomic overwrites
2013-11-06 Mikko RasaRemove a useless const qualifier
2013-11-06 Mikko RasaAdd a function to remove an item from a map, checking...
2013-10-16 Mikko RasaSet exists to true if the file was found
2013-10-15 Mikko RasaMove Handle::operator void * to the common part
2013-10-15 Mikko RasaAvoid closing handles twice
2013-10-15 Mikko RasaAllow setting a pipe read-only or write-only after...
2013-10-15 Mikko RasaInterpret POLLHUP as end-of-file
2013-10-15 Mikko RasaAdd a Process class for running and interfacing with...
2013-10-14 Mikko RasaAdd get_handle to Console
2013-10-13 Mikko RasaThrow an exception in list_files if the directory can...
2013-10-07 Mikko RasaRewrite BufferedFile as a standalone class
2013-10-05 Mikko RasaBetter method of preventing duplicate applications
2013-10-05 Mikko RasaRedesign uncaught exception handling to allow external...
2013-10-04 Mikko RasaUpdate .gitignore
2013-10-04 Mikko RasaOS X tweaks
2013-10-04 Mikko RasaMove Application member documentation to the header
2013-08-27 Mikko RasaAvoid leaking external references through default c...
2013-08-27 Mikko RasaSuppress usage errors if help is requested
2013-08-05 Mikko Rasasize_t needs <cstddef>
2013-05-31 Mikko RasaAdd RAII utilities
2013-05-29 Mikko RasaThe threads flag is more correct than specifying -lpthr...
2013-05-29 Mikko RasaMiscellaneous fixes
2013-05-29 Mikko RasaAvoid a shadowing warning from clang
2013-05-29 Mikko RasaUse _FILE_OFFSET_BITS rather than _LARGEFILE64_SOURCE
2013-05-07 Mikko RasaDon't output the list of options in usage with full...
2013-05-03 Mikko RasaAdd test cases for path manipulation functions
2013-05-03 Mikko RasaThrow an exception for nonsensical arguments in some...
2013-05-03 Mikko RasaCosmetic fixes for comments and output
2013-05-03 Mikko RasaAdd new test cases to cover positional arguments
2013-05-03 Mikko RasaAdd support for positional arguments in GetOpt
2013-05-03 Mikko RasaRestore the check that list options must take an argument
2013-05-02 Mikko RasaRestructure internals of GetOpt
2013-05-02 Mikko RasaUse a typedef for the option descriptor list
2013-04-30 Mikko RasaMove GetOpt exception handling to the .cpp file
2013-04-24 Mikko RasaAdd missing terminator entries to some test data arrays
2013-04-24 Mikko RasaMove most platform-specific code into overlay directories
2013-04-24 Mikko RasaClean up after the timedelta.h/units.h merge
2013-04-24 Mikko RasaUse UInt64 for FileSize
2013-04-23 Mikko RasaUse the system call name as parameter to system_error
2013-04-22 Mikko RasaMake the Thread state machine more strict
2013-04-20 Mikko RasaLink examples against the library with a use statement
2013-04-20 Mikko RasaFix Timer to use is Semaphore correctly
2013-04-20 Mikko RasaAvoid an extra copy by making Variant::Store's c'tor...
2013-04-20 Mikko RasaAdd activation check to the rest of Filtered's virtual...
2013-04-20 Mikko RasaEncapsulate serial device state into a struct
2013-04-20 Mikko RasaFix a memory leak in Poller
2013-04-20 Mikko RasaCorrect some multiple inclusion guards
2013-04-13 Mikko RasaFix seeking of Slice
2013-03-27 Mikko RasaImprove file opening on Windows
2013-02-10 Mikko RasaMove the time constants to timedelta.h
2013-01-16 Mikko RasaComment changes
2013-01-16 Mikko RasaFix an overload resolution problem in formatting values...
2013-01-05 Mikko RasaAdd a constructor to ZlibCompressed that takes a mode...
2012-12-10 Mikko RasaFix Windows compilation
2012-12-01 Mikko RasaImprove maputils test cases
2012-12-01 Mikko RasaStore the value of the key in key_error
2012-12-01 Mikko RasaThrow from LexicalConverter::get if no conversion was...
2012-12-01 Mikko RasaFilter the types that get fallback lexical conversion...
2012-12-01 Mikko RasaMake lexical_cast symmetric
2012-11-08 Mikko RasaAdd an I/O class to access a restricted range of bytes...
2012-11-04 Mikko RasaAdd a dedicated exception class for a bad seek operation
2012-11-04 Mikko RasaUse native win32 functions for rename and unlink
2012-11-04 Mikko RasaSome fixes for eof handling in Memory
2012-09-27 Mikko RasaAdd no-throw destructors to exception classes that...
2012-09-27 Mikko RasaAdd some useful shortcuts for CreateMode combinations
2012-09-27 Mikko RasaAdd an exclusive create flag to IO::File
2012-09-27 Mikko RasaDon't report M_RDWR as "generic"
2012-09-27 Mikko RasaAdd a mode parameter to Memory constructor with non...
2012-09-27 Mikko RasaDon't give out a non-const reference from a const Variant
2012-09-16 Mikko RasaComment updates
2012-09-16 Mikko RasaMake Profiler able to report number of calls per second
2012-09-16 Mikko RasaRefactor Profiler
2012-09-13 Mikko RasaAvoid invoking callbacks of a deleted object
2012-09-04 Mikko RasaFix the name of the UTF-16 codec
2012-09-04 Mikko RasaDisable main() on win32 in favor of WinMain
2012-09-04 Mikko RasaConvert command line arguments on Windows from UTF...
2012-09-04 Mikko RasaAdd a UTF-16 codec
2012-09-04 Mikko RasaRefuse to encode invalid Unicode characters in UTF-8
2012-09-04 Mikko RasaLet the base classes decide the default error mode
2012-08-03 Mikko RasaThe EOF logic wasn't quite correct
2012-08-03 Mikko RasaAdd support for de/compression with zlib
2012-08-01 Mikko RasaFix several corner case bugs in lexical_cast
2012-08-01 Mikko RasaAdd unit tests for lexical_cast
2012-08-01 Mikko RasaProvide a way to get an integer type matching the size...
2012-08-01 Mikko RasaPrefer inttypes.h to doing the #ifdef dance everywhere
2012-08-01 Mikko RasaExactly-sized integer types, the C++ way
2012-08-01 Mikko RasaUpdate .gitignore