Fix signedness errors from MSVC
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2021-08-29 Mikko RasaFix signedness errors from MSVC
2021-08-29 Mikko RasaAdd a shortcut for transforming a container in-place
2021-08-29 Mikko RasaFormatting fixes
2021-08-29 Mikko RasaDeprecate various meta-programming constructs in favor...
2021-08-29 Mikko RasaPrefer more cache-efficient containers
2021-08-29 Mikko RasaUse C++11 features with containers
2021-08-29 Mikko RasaUse integer types from <cstdint>
2021-08-29 Mikko RasaRequire C++11 for building
2021-08-29 Mikko RasaRemove unnecessary std:: qualifiers
2021-08-29 Mikko RasaUse size_t for sizes in I/O classes
2021-08-29 Mikko RasaRemove deprecated things
2021-08-29 Mikko RasaFix incorrect MSVC check
2021-08-22 Mikko RasaTreat ERROR_BROKEN_PIPE as end-of-file instead of an...
2021-08-22 Mikko RasaUse a persistent OVERLAPPED structure in EventReader
2021-08-22 Mikko RasaClose duplicated handles after starting a new process
2021-08-22 Mikko RasaEnable inheriting handles in CreateProcess
2021-08-22 Mikko RasaSkip path lookup if PATH is not set
2021-08-22 Mikko RasaUse correct directory separator to check for absolute...
2021-08-22 Mikko RasaCheck for ERROR_PATH_NOT_FOUND in adition to ERROR_FILE...
2021-08-22 Mikko RasaFix Path::is_absolute for empty paths on Windows
2021-04-20 Mikko RasaAdd equality comparison for Variant
2021-04-12 Mikko RasaAdd TypeRegistry class
2021-04-11 Mikko RasaAdd utility functions to search and sort containers...
2021-04-03 Mikko RasaAdd folding functions for hashes
2021-04-02 Mikko RasaAdd wrappers for lower_bound and upper_bound
2021-03-04 Mikko RasaUse the new utilities to format some strings
2021-03-04 Mikko RasaAdd some utility functions for joining strings
2021-02-19 Mikko RasaNicer formatting of exceptions with multi-line whats
2021-02-06 Mikko RasaImplement weak pointers
2021-02-06 Mikko RasaMove non-oneliner functions out of RefPtr class declaration
2021-02-06 Mikko RasaMove RefPtr refcount into a struct
2020-05-18 Mikko RasaAdd a refcount function to RefPtr
2019-09-27 Mikko RasaCheck that objects still exist when dispatching events...
2019-09-27 Mikko RasaAdditional adjustments for Poller
2019-09-27 Mikko RasaUse vectors for storage in Poller
2019-09-27 Mikko RasaRefactor signal connection handling in EventDispatcher
2019-09-27 Mikko RasaAdd RemoveConstReference metaprogamming struct
2019-09-25 Mikko RasaAdd FileMonitor stubs for Windows
2019-09-21 Mikko RasaAdd a class for monitoring changes in files
2019-09-17 Mikko RasaAdd a facility to automatically create backtraces for...
2019-06-09 Mikko RasaInvent a value for argv[0] if not present
2019-06-03 Mikko RasaFix formatted output operator detection in lexicalcast.h
2019-06-03 Mikko RasaFormatting fixes
2019-06-03 Mikko RasaFix references to deprecated functions
2019-06-03 Mikko RasaAnnotate deprecated functions as such
2019-06-03 Mikko RasaAllow std::vector to be used for GetOpt value lists
2019-05-24 Mikko RasaAdd a version of get_item that dynamic_casts the result
2019-05-24 Mikko RasaSimplify the SFINAE construct a bit
2018-12-26 Mikko RasaAdd a main() function for Windows
2018-07-06 Mikko RasaActually pass sec_attr to CreateFile
2018-04-25 Mikko RasaMake sure all classes have sensible copy semantics
2018-04-25 Mikko RasaAdd a NonCopyable utility base class
2018-04-25 Mikko RasaUse nicer formatting for string keys in key_error
2018-03-25 Mikko RasaAdd whole-container versions of sort and stable_sort
2018-03-25 Mikko RasaMark the functions in algorithm.h as inline
2018-02-21 Mikko RasaAdd a method to set autobase in Fmt
2017-12-04 Mikko RasaAdd stub implementations of the pure virtual functions...
2017-12-02 Mikko RasaFix incorrect function name in an exception
2017-12-02 Mikko RasaFix basename and dirname on an empty Path
2017-12-02 Mikko RasaImplement controls for file descriptor inheritance
2017-12-02 Mikko RasaFix mismatched fcntls in sys_set_blocking on unix
2017-12-02 Mikko RasaMake certain functions pure virtual so I won't forget...
2017-12-02 Mikko RasaAdd missing get_handle function to Serial
2017-12-02 Mikko RasaAdd a missing mode flag adjustment to Console::set_block
2017-12-02 Mikko RasaAdd a helper function for adjusting mode flags
2017-01-08 Mikko RasaGuard against badly behaving get functions in getline
2017-01-08 Mikko RasaReturn -1 from Slice::get at eof
2017-01-06 Mikko RasaPthread_setname_np is a GNU extension
2016-11-05 Mikko RasaAdd implementations of find and find_if that take a...
2016-10-30 Mikko RasaAdd integration between EventDispatcher and Timer
2016-10-29 Mikko RasaAdd a class for loading and accessing modules at runtime
2016-10-28 Mikko RasaAdd microsecond precision to RFC 3339 dates
2016-10-28 Mikko RasaAdd a construct to create conditional RAII objects
2016-09-20 Mikko RasaUse the correct unit of time for WaitForSingleObject
2016-09-02 Mikko RasaUse a different diagnostic pragma for recent GCC versions
2016-08-14 Mikko RasaFix an incorrect comparison
2016-08-02 Mikko RasaUse variadic templates for format and print functions...
2016-07-27 Mikko RasaMerge agouti:prog/core
2016-07-24 Mikko RasaAdd conversion from RFC3339 string to DateTime
2016-07-20 Mikko RasaRemove an outdated comment
2016-07-20 Mikko RasaAdd an interface for naming threads
2016-06-14 Mikko RasaMake Mutex non-copyable
2016-06-14 Mikko RasaUse #ifdef _WIN32 rather than WIN32
2016-01-31 Mikko RasaUse Core Foundation to discover standard locations...
2016-01-31 Mikko RasaAdd a missing #include
2016-01-31 Mikko RasaProvide access to the Java VM on Android
2016-01-31 Mikko RasaDisallow negative timeouts for Timer::tick
2015-12-25 Mikko RasaSplit Timer::tick into two overloads
2015-12-25 Mikko RasaRefactor Timer::tick
2015-11-19 Mikko RasaHack to make 64-bit seeks work on Android
2015-09-07 Mikko RasaFix end-of-file detection in Slice
2015-07-26 Mikko RasaMake fix_case to work with relative paths
2015-07-26 Mikko RasaAdd negation operator and abs function for TimeDelta
2015-04-07 Mikko RasaInclude filename in errors from stat
2014-11-13 Mikko RasaExpose window flags and set fullscreen mode by default
2014-11-13 Mikko RasaMove the generic file-based Asset implementation to...
2014-11-13 Mikko RasaTerminate the process when the application has finished...
2014-11-12 Mikko RasaChdir into a sensible location before starting the...
2014-11-12 Mikko RasaHave get_user_data_dir return a proper location on...
2014-11-12 Mikko RasaSplit getcwd and chdir to platform files