terminate instead of rethrowing an uncaught exception
[libs/core.git] / source / core / application.cpp
2007-08-27 Mikko Rasaterminate instead of rethrowing an uncaught exception
2007-08-21 Mikko RasaReorder components to get headers install correctly
2007-07-07 Mikko RasaTrap and explain uncaught exceptions
2007-05-25 Mikko RasaAssimilate exceptions and RefPtr from mspmisc
2006-11-27 Mikko RasaUse Time::sleep instead of sleep in Application::main
2006-11-17 Mikko RasaThrow out anything polling related - they will go to...
2006-09-06 Mikko RasaChange sched_yield to a short sleep to improve performa...
2006-08-28 Mikko RasaRename to libmspcore