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2019-06-06 Mikko RasaMake sound format support optional master
2018-07-05 Mikko RasaFix sound file signature comparisons
2018-07-05 Mikko RasaSeek back to beginning after reading signature
2018-06-24 Mikko RasaImprove documentation of SoundDecoder
2018-06-24 Mikko RasaImplement seeking in sound decoders
2018-06-24 Mikko RasaRefactor Mp3Decoder a bit
2018-06-24 Mikko RasaAdd utility functions for manipulating formats
2018-06-23 Mikko RasaPlug a memory leak in Mp3Decoder
2018-06-20 Mikko RasaAdd support for MP3 files using libmad
2018-06-20 Mikko RasaAdd signature detection for sound files
2017-01-06 Mikko RasaSome compilation fixes for Windows too
2017-01-06 Mikko RasaFix compilation on OS X
2015-03-06 Mikko RasaFix a typo in multiple inclusion guard
2015-03-06 Mikko RasaFix a memory leak
2014-01-18 Mikko RasaAdd gain to SoundScape
2013-10-13 Mikko RasaExternalize playlist management from Jukebox
2012-11-20 Mikko RasaAdd dedicated exception classes for decoding sounds
2012-11-20 Mikko RasaMake SoundDecoder a base class and split off Ogg decoding
2012-11-20 Mikko RasaUse Msp::IO in SoundDecoder
2012-11-20 Mikko RasaSplit Sound into SoundDecoder and Waveform parts
2012-11-20 Mikko RasaUpdate Build file with new builder features
2012-11-18 Mikko RasaWhitespace and member ordering adjustments
2012-11-17 Mikko RasaRemove the general-purpose attribute functions
2012-11-17 Mikko RasaAdd a .gitignore file
2012-11-17 Mikko RasaMake Listener a singleton instead of all-static
2012-11-17 Mikko RasaFix compilation with recent gcc
2012-11-17 Mikko RasaUse standard exception classes
2012-01-21 Mikko RasaDrop copyright notices and Id tags from source files
2012-01-21 Mikko RasaStyle update: add spaces around assignments
2010-12-13 Mikko RasaAdd a previous() method to Jukebox
2010-12-01 Mikko RasaAdd signal_track_changed to Jukebox
2009-10-07 Mikko RasaBump version to 0.10 0.10
2009-08-03 Mikko RasaRestart streamer source if it stops automatically
2009-07-26 Mikko RasaFix some uninitialized variables and memory leaks
2008-08-19 Mikko RasaBump version for release 0.9
2008-07-09 Mikko RasaTwo more atribute setting functions in Source
2008-07-08 Mikko RasaAdd Streamer class
2008-07-08 Mikko RasaFix a typo in the copyright notice
2008-06-25 Mikko RasaAdd a missing #include
2008-02-22 Mikko RasaAdd more methods to Source
2008-02-13 Mikko RasaInitial revision
2008-02-13 System AdministratorCreate standard directories