2012-08-29 Mikko RasaFix profile and average depth for freedives master
2012-08-28 Linus TorvaldsMerge branch 'freediving-tweaks' of git://github.com...
2012-08-28 Linus TorvaldsMerge git://git.tdb.fi/ext/subsurface
2012-08-28 Pierre-Yves... Work on the printing of the dives, first attempt to...
2012-08-28 Pierre-Yves... Remove include not present in new libdivecomputer.
2012-08-27 Lubomir I.... make the font size the same when printing on win32...
2012-08-27 Linus TorvaldsMerge branch 'trips' of git://git.hohndel.org/subsurface
2012-08-27 Dirk HohndelFix an issue with trips that have dives from multiple...
2012-08-27 Linus TorvaldsUpdate for new libdivecomputer interfaces
2012-08-27 Dirk HohndelSome simple test dives for the trips code
2012-08-27 Dirk HohndelFirst cut of explicit trip tracking
2012-08-27 Linus TorvaldsOnly quote the quote characters in xml attributes
2012-08-27 Linus TorvaldsMerge branch 'quoting' of git://git.hohndel.org/subsurface
2012-08-27 Dirk HohndelAdd single and double quotes to escaped characters...
2012-08-27 Pierre-Yves... Start re-working the print UI to allow printing tables...
2012-08-26 Dirk HohndelMight as well free current_file
2012-08-26 Linus TorvaldsDo some whitespace cleanup
2012-08-26 Lubomir I.... replaced stdndup() with the inlined equivalent
2012-08-26 Lubomir I.... file.c: open a file in binary mode in readfile()
2012-08-26 Dirk HohndelFix broken default filename for save-as
2012-08-26 Dirk HohndelIgnore Nitrox/He seetings when editing cylinders for...
2012-08-22 Maximilian... moved zoomed_plot to display.h
2012-08-21 Maximilian... plot the time with a fixed padding (leading zero)
2012-08-21 Maximilian... Merge branch 'master' into freediving-tweaks
2012-08-21 Linus TorvaldsAdd helper 'for_each_dive()' dive iterator
2012-08-21 Linus TorvaldsFix single-dive editing oddity
2012-08-21 Mikko RasaCheck if multi-dive editing is actually needed
2012-08-21 Mikko RasaFix an off-by-one error in buffer allocation
2012-08-20 Linus TorvaldsAdd a "Dive details" widget to the print dialog
2012-08-20 Linus TorvaldsImprove group selection semantics
2012-08-20 Linus TorvaldsAvoid changing selection status when collapsing/expandi...
2012-08-20 Linus TorvaldsRework dive selection logic
2012-08-19 Linus Torvaldsdivelist: add 'Expand all' and 'Collapse all' menu...
2012-08-19 Dirk HohndelChange default behavior for Stats to show selected...
2012-08-19 Dirk HohndelFix default size for scrollable notebook
2012-08-18 Linus TorvaldsMake the notebook portion (dive notes/equipment/info...
2012-08-18 Linus TorvaldsSelect better (?) default date for adding new dive
2012-08-18 Linus TorvaldsImprove divelist group header information
2012-08-18 Miika TurkiaAdd weight and suit support for JDiveLog import
2012-08-18 Linus TorvaldsFix uninitialized pointer crash for "Save As"
2012-08-18 Linus TorvaldsMake fill_missing_tank_pressures robust against missing...
2012-08-18 Linus TorvaldsMake fixup_divep robust against insane dive times
2012-08-18 Dirk HohndelCorrect multi-edit equipment update logic
2012-08-18 Dirk HohndelFix crash when editing weight system info
2012-08-18 Dirk HohndelImport Divesuit information from DivingLog XML file
2012-08-18 Dirk HohndelMinor Macos menu entry modification fix
2012-08-18 Dirk HohndelWhen editing multiple files, don't override existing...
2012-08-17 Linus TorvaldsMerge branch 'fixes' of git://git.hohndel.org/subsurface
2012-08-17 Dirk HohndelAnother selection fix
2012-08-17 Dirk HohndelMore fiddling with the selection
2012-08-17 Linus TorvaldsMerge branch 'misc-fixes' of git://github.com/DataBeave...
2012-08-17 Linus TorvaldsMerge branch 'change_quit2' of ambre.pingoured.fr/cgit...
2012-08-17 Dirk HohndelFix string handling in get_combo_box_entry_text
2012-08-17 Linus Torvaldsmulti-dive editing: don't change fields that weren...
2012-08-17 Pierre-Yves... Add a 'Save As' entry in the menu.
2012-08-17 Pierre-Yves... Allow to cancel while trying to quit and the data was...
2012-08-17 Pierre-Yves... When the file has been opened rely on it to save.
2012-08-17 Henrik Brautaset... Remove repetitions of "Show" in Preferences dialog
2012-08-17 Linus TorvaldsMerge branch 'tree2' of git://git.hohndel.org/subsurface
2012-08-17 Linus Torvaldsmulti-dive editing: don't change already set data for...
2012-08-16 Dirk HohndelStop relying on gtk to track which dives are selected
2012-08-16 Dirk HohndelFix right click edit in Dive Notes area for multiple...
2012-08-16 Linus TorvaldsAvoid SIGSEGV when editing multiple dives
2012-08-16 Linus TorvaldsMerge branch 'tree2' of git://git.hohndel.org/subsurface
2012-08-16 Linus TorvaldsMerge branch 'suit' of git://git.hohndel.org/subsurface
2012-08-16 Dirk HohndelSwitch from date based to dive trip based grouping
2012-08-15 Dirk HohndelRedo dive editing
2012-08-15 Dirk HohndelAdd exposure protection tracking
2012-08-14 Dirk HohndelFixed another memory leak
2012-08-14 Lubomir I.... Fixed a small memory leak in divelist.c
2012-08-14 Dirk HohndelFix selecting and unselecting summary items
2012-08-14 Dirk HohndelApply sort functions to the correct model, don't select...
2012-08-14 Dirk HohndelMaintain selected rows when switching between list...
2012-08-14 Dirk HohndelCreate duplicate list model so sorting by columns works...
2012-08-14 Dirk HohndelImprove tree model implementation
2012-08-13 Dirk HohndelAllow date based grouping
2012-08-10 Dirk HohndelDon't print a total weight of 0 in the weight column
2012-08-07 Dirk HohndelAdd total weight column to divelist
2012-08-06 Dirk HohndelFill the list of weightsystems from data in existing...
2012-08-06 Dirk HohndelRemove weightsystem entry with no description
2012-08-06 Dirk HohndelRemember the last weight used per weightsystem
2012-07-31 Mikko RasaAdd a separate "Save as" entry to the menu
2012-07-31 Mikko RasaChanges to menu icons
2012-07-31 Mikko RasaImproved depth info for dives without samples
2012-07-31 Mikko RasaDivide the panes evenly in view_three
2012-07-13 Andrew Claytonfile.c: Fix a file descriptor leak in readfile()
2012-07-10 Linus TorvaldsUpdate for libdivecomputer pkg-config include file...
2012-07-01 Linus TorvaldsFix a couple of possible divide-by-zero conditions...
2012-06-28 Linus TorvaldsMake the 'Add Dive' dialog at least slightly less butt...
2012-06-28 Linus TorvaldsMake it possible to do "Add Dive" from just the main...
2012-06-27 Linus TorvaldsAdd depth entry to new dive edit dialog
2012-06-27 Linus TorvaldsRough "Add new dive" infrastructure in the divelist
2012-06-22 Linus TorvaldsUpdate to new sane libdivecomputer interfaces
2012-06-20 Linus TorvaldsFix cochran CSV pressure data import
2012-06-20 Linus Torvaldscochran: add support for importing the exported CSV...
2012-06-20 Linus TorvaldsAdd a few more conversion helper functions to dive.h
2012-06-19 Linus TorvaldsUpdate cochran depth precision: it's in 3-inch increments
2012-06-18 Linus TorvaldsAdd some more cochran data parsing code/comments
2012-06-18 Linus TorvaldsAdd tankpressure parsing for UDDF files
2012-06-11 Maximilian... updated/corrected comment